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  • Bugs Bunny Home Run Derby Bugs Bunny Home Run Derby 15510 plays Swing the pitches as they cross the plate and hit enough home runs to go to the next level.
  • Carnival Shootout Carnival Shootout 13720 plays Test your sharp shooting skills in the ultimate carnival shooting game Carnival Shootout. Each level of the game takes you to a different stage where different targets like bunnies, moles and birds are moving around to shoot at.
  • Halloween Cafe Halloween Cafe 10435 plays Click on a monster to whack it on the head, then pick up whatever it drops. Some monsters must be hit multiple times.Hit the bunnies and you'll be sorry they're the cafe's patrons, so play nice and give them what they want!To make a carrot juice, click on a carrot and place it into the juicer, then serve it to the rabbit.Reach the target to complete the level. Purchase weapon upgrades in the shop.
  • Super Guard Super Guard 10416 plays Stop the crowd from running across the line.
  • Cutes Riddle Game Cutes Riddle Game 10118 plays Cute will be asking you several questions in the forms of riddles and you will have to answer by choosing what you think is the right icon from the list you're given.
  • Grabbit Rabbit: The Guarded Guardian Grabbit Rabbit: The Guarded Guardian 9944 plays Move the rabbit around the garden and help him grab all the carrots but beware of dogs!
  • Jinx And Minx: Tower Escape Jinx And Minx: Tower Escape 9525 plays Undead bunnies Jinx and Minx are stuck in a spooky tower--help them escape their prisons!

    Sneak through the tower's dark corridors, solving puzzles to find keys. Unlock doors by clicking the key, then the door.
  • Grab The Carrot Grab The Carrot 9489 plays grab the carrots from the Gophers using your net!
  • Funny Bunny Puzzle Funny Bunny Puzzle 8847 plays Perform funny bunny game and assist the poor innocent extensive eared rabbits hop the approach towards the chequered flag without wander away or encountering keen foxes.Have Some Fun!
  • Bunnies Kingdom Cooking Game Bunnies Kingdom Cooking Game 8751 plays Look at the list, drag necessary ingredients into the mixing bowl and click Done when complete!
  • Whoa Baby! Whoa Baby! 8547 plays Something is awfully wrong in Dimmsdale. An inexplicable army of fuzzy but furious bunnies and delicious but dangerous ice cream monsters have invaded the town. It's up to Timmy, with the help of Cosmo and Wanda, to save the day yet again!
  • Bunny Bounty Bunny Bounty 8506 plays Hungry bunnies have invaded your farm! Prevent them from stealing your crops by knocking them down with your slingshot. Take aim using the mouse cursor and fire with the left mouse button. Earn bounty points when bunnies get knocked out!
  • Cute Bunny Farm Cute Bunny Farm 8443 plays Zee and her best friend Cute the Bunny are visiting a rabbit farm near the seaside. The farm owner thinks that his bunnies don't get enough attention, so he is counting on Zee to make his farm more bunny-friendly. Help Zee populate the farm with lots of playful bunnies and decorate the whole place in a fashionable manner.
  • Bunnies and Eggs Bunnies and Eggs 8384 plays Help the easter bunnies get across to get their eggs.
  • Playful Bunnies Playful Bunnies 8324 plays In this game, the player has to move the bunnies, one by one, to collect the carrots and to reach the carrot basket. Beware of the traps that come in the way. The game has six levels with time duration.
  • Rabbit Catch Fish Rabbit Catch Fish 8236 plays Cute rabbit wants a change of taste. Help him catch fish first and then push them to the cooking pot.
  • Bunnies Attack Bunnies Attack 8137 plays Stay alive for as long as possible as you chop into all the attacking bunnies.
  • Easter Bunny and Colorful Eggs Easter Bunny and Colorful Eggs 8077 plays This cute bunny is ready to make some really beautiful Easter eggs. Do you wanna join it? Oh wait! Let's dress it up first, then decorate and paint the eggs for the upcoming Easter!
  • Rabbit Marathon Rabbit Marathon 7878 plays Give your clients what they ordered, and keep them satisfied. Good luck!
  • Flower Bunny Flower Bunny 7859 plays Collect as much flowers as you can while avoiding rocks!
  • Bunny Jump Bunny Jump 7855 plays Jump for as far as you can.
  • Bugs Bunny's Hopping Carrot Hunt Bugs Bunny's Hopping Carrot Hunt 7805 plays The carrot truck has spilled its cargo Help Bugs Bunny gather all the carrots that have fallen out of the truck.
  • Easter Bunny Cake Easter Bunny Cake 7800 plays Does it make like the perfect Easter surprise for your dear ones or what? Decorate your Easter bunny cake turning it into the cutest and by far the yummiest looking dessert that will bring a huge smile upon your loved ones' faces on Easter Day.
  • Bunny Bunny Boom Bunny Bunny Boom 7742 plays Make the bunnies eat carrots and then make them explode.
  • Animal Click Animal Click 7612 plays Great game of skill that will make up your adrenaline levels high.Very good music, sounds and effects.
  • Easter Bunny Dress Up Easter Bunny Dress Up 7454 plays Dress up this super cute Easter bunny. You can make the Easter bunny an adorable girl bunny or a handsome boy bunny, it's up to you. Get him ready so he can hide the eggs in time for Easter.
  • Bunny Flags Bunny Flags 7234 plays Your goal is to protect your flag from incoming hostile bunnies.
  • Give Trees a Chance Give Trees a Chance 7115 plays Jump over the rabbits as you run around the planet grabbing and planting trees.

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